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Who is in the Center?

  • date:2014-04-12
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 Currently, the Center includes: Professor Zhu Hua, who works on the taxonomy and geography of flowering plants; Professor GaoJiangyun, an expert on the biology and conservation of orchids; Professor Ferry Slik, who works on regional and global plant geography, as well as local conservation issues; Professor QuanRuichang, an expert on the highly endangered snub-nosed monkeys, who also works on bird communities in fragmented forests; Associate Professor Michael Mcleish, who works on plant-insect relationships and population genetics; Dr Wang Bo, who specializes in seed predation and dispersal by rodents; Dr Zhang Mingxia, previously with WCS, who will work on bird communities and their conservation; Dr Wen Bin, who runs the XTBG seed bank and conducts research into the storage of recalcitrant and intermediate seeds; Dr Mareike Roeder, who works on the phylogenetic structure of liana communities; plus the staff of the Herbarium, under Mr Yin Jiantao, and the seed bank, under Dr Wen Bin; Professor Li Jie, who works on the plant phylogenetics; Associate Professor Li Qiaoming, who works on conservation genetics;There more doctors and assistant researchers in our center, such as Dr Cao lin of Quan Ruichang’s group, who also do seed dispersal by rodents; Four assistant researcher in Gao Jiangyun’ group,: Mr Zhou Xiang (staff as doctor candidate) and Mrs Fan Xuli (master degree), Mr Liu Qiang  (master degree) and Dr Shao shicheng, do orchid related work. Mrs Yu Fei, as an assistant researcher and doctor candidate in Ferry’group, Mr Li Lang, as an assistant researcher and Mrs Ci Xiuqin as a experimentalist in Li jie’s group.