Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group at the XIX IBC

  • date:2017-08-01
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Current and future contributors to the Pteridophyte Phylogeny Group gathered during the IBC to celebrate the progress in our understanding of the phylogeny, classification and taxonomy of ferns and lycophytes.

The PPG is a community driven, open framework that invites anyone with expertise in fern and lycophyte taxonomy and phylogeny. The group was initiated by Harald Schneider and Eric Schuettplez and published the first version of a classification in 2016 (

During the gathering, the group discussed future progress and the main next steps such as the establishing a website, different approaches to keep the PPG classification updated, and the expansion of PPG to include not only higher ranks (class to genus) but to provide also information on accepted species. Another aspect discussed was the incorporation of fossil ferns and lycophytes Into PPG.

For further information please contact Prof Harald Schneider at XTBG ( or Dr Eric Schuettpelz at the Smithsonian.



PPG gathered during the IBC