Trip to LAOS to visit BEI and savanna/ forest sites

  • date:2017-09-19
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On 30th August to 3rd September Professor Dr. Kyle Tomlinson and Mr Sedricke Lapuz visited Laos PDR for a meeting with the Biotechnology and Ecology Institute (BEI) in Vientiane, and to visit some forest and savanna vegetatation types in the vicinity of Vientiane. During their stay, they were hosted by Ms Manichanh Satdichanh (Kunming Institute of Botany) and at BEI by Dr Somsanith Bouamanivong. Ms Satdichanh showed Dr Tomlinson and Mr Lapuz several potential research sites both in the vicinity of Vientiane and also further afield at Phou Khao Khouay National Park, and pointed out several other provinces in Lao PDR where savanna-type vegetation is found. At BEI, Dr Tomlinson presented an overview of savanna research in southeast Asia and a fruitful discussion was had to plan for future collaboration on savanna research in Lao PDR.


Fig. 1. Deciduous dipterocarp savanna near Vientiane


Fig. 2. Discussion panel at Biotechnology and Ecology Institute (BEI) in Vientiane