TRIP to THAILAND to find pine savanna and forest sites

  • date:2017-11-27
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From 9 to 19 November Professor Dr. Kyle Tomlinson travelled with Dr Wichan Eiadthong of Kasetsart University to visit national parks in Thailand, in order to meet park managers and look for field sites with natural populations of the Southeast Asian pine species Pinus kesiya and Pinus merkusii for future research. In total five national parks were visited, from Mae Puem National Park near Chiang Rai in the north, through Nam Nao National Park, Phu Hin Rongkla National Park and Phu Kradueng National Park in the northeast, to Pha Tiem National Park in eastern Thailand. In addition to these sites visits Dr Tomlinson and Dr Eiadthong prepared documentation to work in 8 national parks, 1 forest reserve and 2 unprotected locations that cover the full breadth of distribution for the two pine species. Future research at these locations will contribute the diversity of pine savanna communities with and without fire, the dendrochronology of pines and their responses to recent climate variation, and the biogeography of the two pine species across Southeast Asia.


Fig. 1. Dr Wichan Eiadthong (Kasetsart University), Mr Wuttipong Dongkumfu

(Manager: Mae Puem National Park) and Dr Kyle Tomlinson (XTBG)

at the headquarters of Mae Puem National Park


Fig. 2. Mixed broadleaf savanna with pine at Nam Nao National Park


Fig. 3. Pine and oak savanna on Phu Kradueng mountain, Phu Kradueng

National Park


Fig. 4. Grassy stage seedling of Pinus merkusii, Phu Kradueng National Park