Professor Harald Schneider was invited to visit University of Bristol in December

  • date:2017-12-26
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In December, Prof. Harald Schneider visited the School of Earth Sciences at the University of Bristol ( as a “Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor” supported by the Institute for Advanced Studies ( During his visit he presented a “research discussion” with the title “Whole Genome Duplications in Plant Evolution” and a “research seminar” with the title “Predicting the Impact of the Anthropocene on the Plant Diversity of SE Asia”. Both events were well attended. In particular the research seminar attracted a diverse audience with colleagues from different departments of the University of Bristol, such as School of Geographical Sciences, as well as from the University of West England. The visit was hosted by Prof. Philipp Donoghue, FRS. Besides the two events, Prof Schneider pursued several research collaborations with colleagues located at Bristol with special emphasise on research focusing on two major events in the history of life, namely the “Origin of Land Plants” and the “Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution”.

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University of Bristol