Successul BIOMON Workshop

  • date:2018-02-09
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In behave of XTBG, Prof. Harald Schneider hosted the traveling conference BIOMON funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) to explore join research collaborations involving researchers based at XTBG and different institutes located in Germany. During the visit, Prof. Chen Jin signed two “Memorandum of Understanding”. One MoU was agreed between XTBG and the Museum für Naturkunde (Berlin) represented by Vice-Director Prof. Christoph Häuser and one was agreed between XTBG and the University of Leipzig (Germany) represented by Prof. Alexandra Müllner-Riehl. The visiting group involved six colleagues representing four different institutions. The üwas represented by Prof. Christoph Häuser and Dr. Thomas von Rintelen, the Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum of the Freie Universität Berlin by Dr. Eckhard von Raub-Straube, the University of Leipzig by Prof. Alexandra Müllner -Riehl, the Zoological State Collection at Munich by Dr. Michael Balke, and the Zoological Research Museum Alexander Koenig at Bonn by Fabian Herder. The main aim of the visit was to discuss research collaborations with focus on rapid biodiversity assessments and the contribution of biodiversity research to bioeconomic initiatives. During the visit, a wide range of research collaborations including exchange programs for students and early stage researchers have been agreed on. Researchers and Students interested in these program are welcome to contact Prof. Harald Schneider.

Interactions between XTBG and Visitors_副本.jpg

Interactions between XTBG and Visitors

MOU signing with Alexandra Müllner-Riehl _副本.jpg

MOU signing with Alexandra Müllner-Riehl

MOU signing with Christoph Häuser _副本.jpg

MOU signing with Christoph Häuser

group photo_副本.jpg

group photo

Visited the canopy crane_副本.jpg

Visited the canopy crane