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  • date:2020-02-28
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The Center for Integrative Conservation (CIC) was established in 2012 to bring together scientists at XTBG working on topics related to the conservation of species and ecosystems. It aims to combine and coordinate state-of-the-art techniques in ecology, biogeography, climate change biology, systematic, genomics, remote sensing, and spatial modeling into an effective tool for conservation. The main focus is on tropical China and Southeast Asia, but the CIC also aims to contribute to national and global conservation strategies. The major outputs from the Center include scientific publications, demonstration projects, practical advice, technical training, and policy papers for the government. CIC consists of seven Research Groups and the XTBG Herbarium (HITBC), covering a range of disciplines, including plant taxonomy, animal ecology, biogeography and phylogeny. The XTBG Herbarium (HITBC) combines practical support roles with its own research.