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Who is in the Center?

  • date:2020-02-28
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There are 30 staff in the CIC, including 7 professors. The previous CIC director (2012.6-2019.4) was Professor Lixing Gao, the current CIC director is Professor Quan Ruichang, and Professor Kyle Tomlinson is the deputy director:

Professor Quan Ruichang, who is the director of CIC, is an expert on behavioral ecology, animal-mediated seed dispersal (birds and mammals), biodiversity conservation;

Professor Lixing Gao, his major research interests include biodiversity conservation and terrestrial ecology in tropical East Asia, plant-animal interactions, and the impacts of climate change;

Professor Li Jie, who works on the plant phylogenetics, biogeography and conservation biology;

Professor Kyle Tomlinson, who researches on landscape conservation, forest ecology, savanna ecology, functional trait diversity;

Professor Ma Youxin, who mainly engages in land use change ecological impact, landscape pattern and ecological process, regional ecological security and sustainable development, global change;

Dr. Alice Hughes, who works on impacts of climate change on species distribution and biodiversity in Southeast Asia;

Dr. Bai Yang, who researched on ecosystem processes, ecosystem services, and management;

Dr. Li Lang, who is focusing on phylogeny and biogeography and other fields of research;

Dr. Yu Wenbin, who works on evolution of plastome in parasitic plants, systematics and evolution of the large hemiparasitic genus Pedicularis L. (Orobanchaceae), and conservation biology of endangered species;

Dr. Song Yu, Focusing on the mechanism of functional traits determination and differentiation among tree species of Machilus and Phoebe (Lauraceae) in tropical and subtropical Asia;

Dr. Zuo Yunjuan, who works on phylogeny and biogeography of angiosperms in tropical areas;

Tan Yunhong, Youth Scientist group PI in CIC, researching on floristics, taxonomy, systematics of tropical plant;

Li Jianwu, whose research interests are tropical plant taxonomy, especially for family Orchidaceae.

There more doctors and assistant researchers in our center, more information please see the CIC Annual Report.